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février 2017 Reassessing Tax Effort in Developing Countries: a Proposal of a Vulnerability-Adjusted Tax Effort Index (VATEI) Djedje Hermann YOHOU, Michaël GOUJON

This paper describes the estimation of a new tax effort index for 120 developing countries over 1990-2012. Two major innovations are the use of a new measure of non-resource tax revenues and the correction of the traditional method of tax effort estimation by accounting for structural economic and human vulnerabilities. The results indicate that economic […]

février 2017 Taxation, infrastructure, and firm performance in developing countries Lisa CHAUVET, Marin FERRY

This paper investigates the relationship between taxation and firm performance in developing countries. Taking firm-level data from the World Bank Enterprise Surveys (WBES) and tax data from the Government Revenue Dataset (ICTD/UNU-WIDER), our results suggest that tax revenue benefits to firm growth in developing countries, especially in low-income countries and lower-middle income countries. These findings […]

février 2017 Impact and Efficiency of the Integration of Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia in Malaria Community Case Management in Madagascar Marilys Victoire RAZAKAMANANA, Martine AUDIBERT, Tantely ANDRIANANTOANDRO, Aina HARIMANANA

In Madagascar, in February 2014, the Ministry of Health and UNICEF implemented a program integrating the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia into malaria community case management. The objectives of this program were to improve the management of cases of malaria and pneumonia by community health workers to alleviate the problem of accessibility to care and […]

février 2017 Cost-utility analysis of vertebroplasty versus thoracolumbosacral orthosis in the treatment of traumatic vertebral fractures Nadia YAKHELEF, Martine AUDIBERT, Bruno PEIRERA, Antoine MONS, Emmanuel CHABERT

In this research we compared the cost-utility of vertebroplasty versus bracing for treatment of post-traumatic fractures. Cost and health outcomes were assessed from a prospective, randomized, non-blinded, single-center study that was carried out between May 2010 and November 2011 at the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand, France. The study included 99 patients, aged from 18 years […]

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01 janvier 2017 - Johannesbourg T20 Africa Conference: Building alliances for sustainable development

Jaime de Melo, Scientific Director at FERDI presented the Minining tax database for Africa.

25 janvier 2017 - Cannes IPEM 2017

Christophe Angely et Camille da Piedade ont présenté l’Observatoire de la compétivité durable.

25 janvier 2017 - Albert Zeufack (Banque Mondiale)

Sources of Productivity Growth in Uganda [PDF]Abstract: Uganda’s growth in gross domestic product of the 2000s was accompanied by high growth rates of labor productivity across industries producing tradable goods and services. This came about primarily as a result of investment in equipment and other fixed assets, but also entailed substantial gains in total factor […]

10 janvier 2017 - Sebastian Vollmer (Université de Göttingen)

Monks, Gents and Industrialists: The Long-Run Impact of the Dissolution of English Monastries [Pdf]Abstract: We examine the long-run economic impact of the Dissolution of the English monasteries in 1535, which is plausibly linked to the commercialization of agriculture and the location of the Industrial Revolution. Using monastic income at the parish level as our explanatory […]

19 mai 2016 - Paris Journée Scientifique « La matière organique dans les sols » (FIRE) // Intervention d’Aleksandar Rankovic

Lors de la Journée Scientifique « La matière organique dans les sols » de la FIRE le 19 mai, Aleksandar Rankovic intervient sur le thème « Trajectoires urbaines. Dynamiques de long terme du carbone et de l’azote dans les systèmes sol-arbre d’alignement parisiens ». L'objectif de cette journée est la mise en  …

11 mai 2016 - Potsdam Conférence internationale et atelier// Sustainable Development Goals for the Ocean: Turning Commitment into Action

Une conférence co-organisée par l'Iddri, qui aura lieu à Potsdam le 11 mai, suivie d'un Workshop les 12 et 13 mai, et à laquelle participent Glen Wright, Julien Rochette et Lucien Chabason de l'Iddri. >> Plus d'informations sur cette conférence ci-dessous –  …

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